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December 10, 2007

I am the MasterMindMike

MasterMindMike is at it again… It’s Triple M Time

Music, Movies and More…


brings to you some videos and interesting links for your enjoyment.

Please feel free to comment or send me questions on anything you have viewed here.


I am giving you the ball…



So whats this story about?

Juno is a smart teenager, but she still got pregnant from her dalliance with her geeky classmate Paulie Bleeker. What’s a young woman to do? Her spunky friend Leah has an idea: go shopping for parents to adopt the baby. When she comes across a well-to-do suburban couple who is desperate for a child, Juno thinks her problems might all be over. But in reality, even more difficult choices and mixed emotions arise for Juno as she struggles to find her place as a daughter, student, mother, and, ultimately, adult.


and More…

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Kathleen Madigan – Smoking


Kathleen Madigan – Larry King and Friends


Kathleen Madigan – Drinking and Not Driving




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