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December 6, 2007

Yes I am MastermindMike MMM…MMM…YUMMY

Music, Movies and More…


brings to you some videos and interesting links for your enjoyment.

Please feel free to comment or send me questions on anything you have viewed here.


Todays music video is dedicated to Amy. I helped her with her MySpace and Project Playlist yesterday and that inspired me to choose this video.

FYI – Amy is single, likes turtles and midgets, and so far as I’ve seen has a great taste in music. I’ll find out if she can cook and let ya know later guys. lol lol

Thanks AMY!!!


The following video is a movie trailer dedicated to Ranay a.k.a. RaRa, tbassdaughter & currently Running Ranay Rallyhoo-Who.

I don’t want to give away the reason I actually used this trailer because hopefully Ranay will watch it and comment for us. There is more than one reason but I will give one little hint something happens in this trailer that happened somewhat like something in a video you sent me earlier today.

Did ya figure it out RaRa?

P.S. I Love You

and More…

(the following links and videos open in new windows)

Here Comes Another Bubble – The Richter Scale

*Note* Comedy Adult Content

The Prank Police

I hope everyone enjoy the videos.

Thank you very much for joining me,

Michael Lab

p.s. Yes I am MasterMindMike


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